Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy

Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy Img

Recovery from the surgery in only one to two days by putting the patient under local anesthesia

This method of treatment is to directly inject medication into the spinal area where inflammation occurs, and the advantages of the treatment are that the treatment is very quick and the patient can move around immediately after the treatment and return to their normal lives. The treatment does not leave surgical scars and pain is relieved immediately the treatment. It is appropriate for patients with hypertension or diabetes.

Microscopic Lumbar Discectomy

Microscopic Lumbar Discectomy Img

Remove herniated cervical discs locally

This method of treatment is to inject medication into the nerve branches which cause back pain. This treatment is normally used in the early stages of disc problems, and can be precisely implemented by using an image intensifier. Like percutaneous epidural neuroplasty, the treatment only takes a short time and the patient can return to their normal life immediately after the treatment. It is possible for a patient to have the treatment three to four times at intervals of about one or two weeks.

Mini Spinal Fusion

Mini Spinal Fusion Img

Able to do flexible movements with the waist after having the artificial disc replacement

The Spine Center of Nanoori Hospital has been conducting a systematic sports rehabilitation program for all patients who require it, irrespective of having had surgery or not. The program consists of exercise therapy and medication therapy, from professional sports athletes to ordinary people, with injuries caused by sports activities.

Artificial Disc Replacement

Artificial Disc Replacement Img

The latest surgery to finish the treatment in 10 minutes through local anesthesia

The extracorporeal shockwave therapy is a simple treatment that gives high energy shockwaves to lesions from outside the body to treat lesions that cause pain. The method of manipulation therapy is to treat pain by utilizing the skilled, specific hands-on techniques of professional manipulation therapists, instead of using a spine corrector. The therapy has recently drawn much attention because it relieves pain and provides good results. Nanoori Hospital has developed and implemented a unique ESMA therapy by combining the advantages of these two therapies.