Welcome! I am Jang Il-tae, the CEO of Nanoori Hospital

CEO Jang Il-tae

Nanoori Hospital was established and took its first steps to become the best medical service provider for spine and joint treatment in 2003.

We have now achieved that position and provide a more advanced service than any other hospitals in Korea, through the introduction of our state-of-the-art medical equipment and unfailing medical service for our patients.

In addition, Nanoori Hospital has developed 'tailored treatment and therapy,' which is based on various factors, according to the characteristics and conditions of individual patients, from therapeutic exercise to the latest surgery. Nanoori hospital has developed itself to become a trustworthy specialized medical institution thanks to support from its clients and patients, who highly praise Nanoori Hospital as a 'hospital with a medical system that is ahead of the times'.

Do not hesitate to visit us at Nanoori Hospital whenever you need us.

The medical teams and staff members of Nanoori Hospital will be there for you to provide you with the best medical service

Nanoori Hospital will continually do its best to minimize and remove any difficulties by providing a wide variety of services, such as an interpretation service, an appointment service which includes booking a hotel near the hospital and a pick-up service for your convenience.

We will not only make an endless effort to enhance our academic studies and medical techniques, but will also continue to improve our medical services in the medical arena.

Just come and visit Nanoori Hospital! You will experience a patient-oriented hospital brimming with friendly and welcoming staff in a comfortable environment.

Thank you.